As a community it is good to have a few guidelines on how to use the space.The first guideline is Respect. Respect the other members of this site, their time, their sensibility, and their point of view.Let’s focus on sharing experience rather than opinion. What can we learn from each others experience – both good and bad that will help our own future actions?

Let everyone’s voice be heard. Remember not everyone has English as a first language, and others may not have been thinking about the issue under discussion for as long as you. Let’s listen, first to understand the others perspective, and then to learn. We can always learn from the experience of others if we listen carefully enough.

River Diagram

In “No More Consultants”, we referred to the “River Diagram” as a way to visualise the range of capabilities in an organisation. Click here to download an Excel Chart Template for Excel 2007, which will generate a River Diagram from a simple spreadsheet table formatted like the one below.
You’ll need to save the chart template .crtx file in /AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Templates/Charts
Then select the table of data, generate a chart (any chart will do), before selecting “Change Chart Type” from the ribbon, and selecting the new template from the “Templates” folder. (This is all easier than it sounds!)


Effective Meetings

In ‘No More Consultants we use ‘Effective Meetings’ as an example to assess ourselves on. You can download the Effective Meetings.doc template here.

Knowledge Management

Here is a self-assessment framework we use with organisations for assessing strengths in Knowledge Management.

Flu Pandemic Preparedness

The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) has recently developed a self-assessment framework for Flu Pandemic Preparedness. It is being tested for neighbourhoods and communities to assess their readiness to deal with a pandemic. Given the current Swine flu pandemic you may find it useful. You’ll find the framework here.

Videos and animations

Peer Assist animation from Bellanet and the University of Ottowa

Halfway up the stairs video from the Muppet Show!

Press articles
Royal College of Nursing article on NHS spend on External ConsultantsQuangos spend £350m on outside consultantsCivil servants and ministers spend £1billion on consultants

How ministers spend £4billion of taxpayers’ money on consultants who tell them how to do their job.

Colleges spend millions on consultants while squeezing the low-paid ‘lifeblood’

NHS spending on backroom staff and management consultants has increased by more than 80 per cent in just four years.

NHS ‘spent more than £300 million on management consultants last year’

Sharp rise in Home Office spending on consultants
The Great Management Consultancy Swindle (The Independent, September 19th).

Figures show government spent £1.8bn on consultants

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